So much has changed since writing this post!

Since organizing The Female Solopreneur Community Women’s Expo, a fire has been lit within.

I am loving life right now connecting in person with the amazing local women who are following their own passions and doing what they love.

I have found my gift in putting together the events that will bring them together to learn about their businesses, support and lean on one another, AND to showcase and highlight their hard work.

So, stay tuned…this website will be getting a major overhaul over the next couple of weeks to reflect what my new direction is.

For now, I will be focusing my time on making sure that the Women’s Expo is everything that I envisioned – uplifting, inspiring and empowering – for the lovely ladies involved and for those that will be attending <3

xo Tara



Tara Brown - This Girl Right HereI’m Tara Brown a.k.a This Girl Right Here.

I found a passion for visual branding and web design doing projects for my clients as a virtual assistant over the past 5 years and fell in love with creating beautiful, well-functioning websites that my clients could easily manage on their own.

I found my purpose by taking what I have learned and passing it on to you!

It is my goal to show you that Design-It-Yourself visual identity development and web design does not have to be overwhelming – in fact, it’s empowering!

You are a passionate solopreneur that wants save some of your startup or operation costs and take an active role in creating your visual brand identity and website.

You don’t consider yourself to be overly tech savvy or creative.

But you want to be!

You want to feel the empowerment of stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new skills.

You have found the right girl to help you do that!

Join me here and let me help you:

SAVE TIME…you won’t have to search all over the place for all of the answers. I’ve already done all of that. I’ll put everything that I know about visual identity (the pretty part of your brand) and web design and lay it all out for you right here on this blog with articles that will include things like step-by-step videos, checklists, workbooks, all kinds of good stuff

SAVE MONEY…as a solopreneur – the need or want to keep startup costs low is usually a priority – doing it yourself saves you money from having to hire a developer and/or designer to set everything up for you or make the changes you will need as your business grows

BOOST YOUR SELF-ESTEEM…think of the pride in saying “I know how to do that!” or “Yup, I did that myself!”

You have a vision of the online business you want to create, but don’t know how to make it happen…This Girl Right Here can help! (Chessy, I know…but I just had to!)

You CAN take that vision and turn it into a stunning website and visual identity that is true to who you are and the clients that you want to attract.

“She believed she could, so she did.” ~ R.S. Grey, Author

Trust me, it is so empowering when you take control and step out of your comfort zone to learn a new skill that will take your business to the next level!

5 fun facts that you may not know about me…

  1. I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have 2 (adult) children that still live at home – I’m surprising more okay with them still being home than I thought I would be
  2. My closest friends have been by my side for over 20 years now (Shout out to my Ride or Dies – Marcy, Kelly, Heather, Amy, Brook & Roxanne) – we still get together on a (fairly) regular basis, as often as work, motherhood and up to a 3 hour drive for some will permit
  3. I am a TV junkie. Like I seriously LOVE it. I probably watch way too much of it but I just can’t help it! (And my therapist has recently told me that it’s okay as long as I’m getting my to-do list crossed off and meeting my goals – so, ya I now have the permission of a professional – let the obsession continue!)
  4. I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. I’m a tea girl. Love it…and the cup it comes in. I have a strange amount of coffee mugs and tea cups. I could collect worse things am I right!?!
  5. And lastly, in case you haven’t noticed yet, I love me some exclamation points… I use them, A LOT! Please don’t take them the wrong way in my writing. They are a I’m “super-excited-happy-about-this-and-that-ha-ha” kind of way of expressing myself!


If there is something you are wondering about how to design-it-yourself, let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your suggestions for future blog posts.

Thanks for spending some time with me!

HEY THERE! I'M TARA BROWN a.k.a.This Girl Right Here