To say that I love creating a colour palette is an understatement!

While I knew that taking on a new project meant a lot of work ahead, it also meant starting with my favourite part – creating the colour palette for it.

Since deciding to step away from client work to focus on sharing what I know with you about visual identity and web design, I knew thought that my days of creating colour palettes would come to an end.

I couldn’t let that happen!

I decided that I would continue to create colour palettes…just for the fun of it!

It is a great outlet for me. A way for me to ‘unwind’ and take some down time when the stress of being a solopreneur hits. A way to be creative

And so, the TGRH Colour Palette Inspiration Series is born!

Feel free to use these colour palettes as inspiration for your own branding and projects.*

What better way to start off the TGRH Colour Palette Inspiration Series than with my very own This Girl Right Here colour palette…


I am always drawn to teals and greens so it was a natural choice for me to lean toward this colour palette. I just love how calm and soothing it is.

How I got there:

  • Setting up a secret Pinterest board is always my first step. (For the TGRH Colour Palette Inspiration Series these boards are made public once the colour palette is finalized.)
  • I then do 2 or 3 searches of the colours, and sometimes the feeling words, that I am looking. I even go back to previous boards that I think might have something of inspiration that is relevant.
  • As a part of the TGRH Colour Palette Inspiration Series, so you can see the process, I will include the words I searched:
    • FIRST PINTEREST SEARCH: teal green
    • THIRD PINTEREST SEARCH: my own personal Pinterest boards
  • When I'm happy with how the colours look together I pick 6-8 of the images to pull the exact colours from for the palette.
  • I drop the images into a Canva graphic, add the colours and, voila...the final colour board is created

Don't forget that you can check out how this colour palette came together (all of the images that I pinned) and get direct links to the inspiration images on Pinterest.


Pinterest has a cool feature that allows you to divide your boards into sections. Think, one board for your home decorating ideas, neatly divided into sections for each room, instead of having a board for each one. Cool, am I right?!?

I debated dividing my colour palette inspiration boards into sections based on my searches, but I love being able to look at all the images together in one board to see if the colours are working well together.

Maybe something to think about in the future!

Before you go...

Earlier I mentioned that creating colour palettes was a creative, and stress outlet for me.

What do you do when things get overwhelming in your business?

Drop a comment below to share what you do to keep it together!


COLOUR PALETTE #1 - TARA {TGRH Colour Palette Inspiration Series}


*Please give credit when sharing any original photos (IG @thisgirlrighthere_tara). When using the colour palette for inspiration, attribution is not necessary. (Acknowledging where the inspiration came from is always appreciated!)

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